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导读:新世纪高职英语课后答案unit-1---7.doc,课后练习答案Unit1 第五页 1-5 6-10 impression process no more than sustainable contains speed up established worse still varied absorbed1-5 6-10describe economydestroyed impressedabsorption containersprocess renewgrow variety翻译:


课后练习答案Unit1 第五页 1-5 6-10 impression process no more than sustainable contains speed up established worse still varied absorbed1-5 6-10describe economydestroyed impressedabsorption containersprocess renewgrow variety翻译: 1. to cut down trees without permission 2. varied between 4% and 6% 3. to speed up the production of the new brand car 4. is the same as ours 5. worse still ,he was out of job 第七页 It is the director who is responsible for the accident It is jack who helped the old man to push his cartIt took the boy three hours to swim across the river. It took the doctors several hours to operate on this patientHe devoted all his time to writing fairy tales, so he remained single all his life. If you do not eat, you will have to remain hungry.

As we mentioned just now, the problem is much more serious than you thought As everybody knows, learning a foreign language takes much time第十页 Accept receive received acceptLie laid lay lie Alone lonely lonely alone第十二页 1. 正确 2. That—which 3. Which---that 4. Who---whom 5. He 后加 who 6. Which—whom 7. Which—where 8. Which—whose 9. Which—that 10.House 后加 In (1)where (2)though

(3)it (4)as (5)because (6)in (7)with (8)with (9)if (10) gaveUnit 2 Capital cities Exercise I 1. Washington,London,Ottawa, Canberra, 2. earthquakes, diseases 3. qualities 4. advantages 5. foreign Exercise II 1. is spoken of as 2. leveled 3. guard 4. decaying 5. associating 6. peculiar Wellington

7. are laid out 8. ranks 9. imitated 10. imagine Exercise III 1. commerce 2. present 3. imitation 4. association 5. ambition 6. glorious 7. professional 8. emperors 9. imagination 10. wonderful Exercise IV 1. I found that the books were laid out neatly on the desk. 2. We would like to thank all who had a share in this project. 3. Their delay was due to bad weather. 4. What influences people is not the past but the present and the future. 5. Generally speaking, people often associate politics with

wars. 6. Tom had a first-rate education, so he had an advantage over those children who were not as well educated as he. 7. Many students complain that the food is by no means satisfactory. 8. Their screams of excitement all but drowned out the music. Exercise V Model 1 1. Most tourists speak of Guilin as an earthly paradise, a beautiful city on the Li River. 2. People all over the world speak of Brazil as a dominant power in soccer. Model 2 1. The air in a hilly region is cooler than that on plains. 2. In my opinion, his misdoings are those of a fool. Model 3 1. A father should do whatever he can to make himself worthy of the name of father. 2. By doing so, he proved himself worthy of trust. Model 4 1. It would be worthwhile making such an experiment at the

cost of so much money. 2. It is worthwhile for the soldiers to fight or even die for the freedom of their country. Use the right word 1. able (be able to), capable (be capable of) A. able C. able to come B. capable of seating D. capable of handling2. especially, specially A. especially B. specially C. specially D. especially3. compare, contrast A. compare B. compared C. contrasts D. contrasts Grammar Tips I. 1. which/that 2. whom 3. which 4. where 5. whom

6. whose 7. where 8. that 9. why 10. when II. 1. choice 2. mean 3. that 4. from 5. been 6. why 7. their 8. once 9. so 10. to 11. All 12. under 13. over 14. get 15. right Practical reading

 I:  II:B EAC D FFTFTPractical writing  held at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, 10 October 2009 in the Beijing Conference Hall, Yangtze Tower, Pudong, Shanghai.(于 2009 年 10 月 10 日星期三下午 4:30 在上海 浦东长江大厦北京厅举行。

)  Sales Office Telephone Services(销售办公室电话服务)  Customers can’t get through after that(顾客在此之后无法 打进电话)  Office Manager suggested keeping lines open until 10:00p.m.(办公室主任建议晚上 10 点再切断电话)  As it was a good idea, there was an agreement to have a three-month trial period to see if sales figures could cover the extra costs(这是一个好主意,同意在三个月的时间 段里试行,看看营业额能否抵消此项额外开支)Unit 3 With what do you buy your money?

Exercise I 1.N 2.T 3.T 4.F 5.F 6.T 7.FExercise II 1. Subjected 2. Infinite 3. Admitted 4. Remark 5. Struggle 6. Responded 7. create 8. Disturbed 9. Various 10. Put away Exercise III 1. Tradition 2. Allotment 3. Trader 4. Delightful 5. Excellence 6. Power 7. seek

8. Ultimately 9. Union 10. Vary Exercise IV 1. A beggar came up to us and asked for money. 2. As John grew older, he became obsessed with making money. 3. You told me in the same breath that it was useless to investigate the matter and that you wanted me to do it. 4. He earned a great sum of money and has lived well off of it since. 5. She put away her clothes in the dresser. 6. His behavior created a bad impression. 7. The early settlers here traded copper for corn. 8. He tried to subject the whole family to his will. Exercise V Model 1 1. Anything he can do, I can do better. 2. Anything you are allowed to do in your own country, you are also allowed to do during your stay here. Model 2 1. He said he could create live fish out of chemicals.

2. We have created a beautiful new house out of an old ruin. Model 3 1. Monica wished she had come to the party. 2. I wished I had never met that boy. Model 4 1. The man was persuaded to trade the state secrets he held for money. 2. I’d love to trade this car for a pickup truck.Use the Right Word 1. A. accident B. events C. incident D. accident E. events F. incident2. A. latter B. late C. later D. later E. late

F. latter Grammar tips I. 1. Who 2. who 3. As 4. Which 5. Which 6. Which 7. As II. The British and the Americans today live longer, marry later, have fewer children, and are more likely to get divorced than before. Young people leave home earlier, though not necessarily to get married. More women now go out to work, and more people, especially the old, live alone. The nuclear family (parents with perhaps two children) has largely replaced the extended family where several generations live together. Britain has one of the highest divorce rates in Western Europe: Approximately one in three marriages breaks up in divorce, half of them in the first ten years of marriage. As a result, more people are getting remarried and there are now over a million

single parents looking after 1.6 million children.Reading Skills Details: √Anxiety may show itself by such physical symptoms as increased heart activity or labored breathing.  Fear, unlike anxiety, is a response to real or threatened danger. √ Psychologically, anxiety often produces a feeling ofpowerlessness, or lack of direct control over the immediate environment. √ Temporary blindness, deafness, or loss of the sensation of touch are examples of extreme physical responses to anxiety. √ Some people cannot cope with anxiety and are unable to control the neurotic behavior associated with anxiety.Practical Reading 1. Grove Street Tire Shop, 14 Grove Street. 2. 868-6986; 636-2098 3. 741-9875 4. Roman Delight 5. Two

6. 18 Garden Street.Unit4 II 1 suspect 2 on behalf of 3 stirred 4 illustrated 5 am reluctant to 6 come off 7 interview 8 individuals 9 execution 10 tragedy III 1 unease

2 brutal 3 conveys 4 screaming 5 crew 6 evoked 7 globe 8 emotion 9 reinforced 10wiring IV 1 He finished the work in an instant,but the manager wasn’t satisfied. 2 The chairman signed the document on behalf of the company. 3 The girl is reluctant to leave home for college. 4 Do what is right in your eyes. 5 The ambassador conveyed the President’s message to the premier. 6 I don’t think the stains will come off. 7 That kind of atmosphere always evokes memories of my alma matar. 8 The purpose of the law is to protect the rights of individuals. V

Model 1 1 He sat with his arms clasped round his knees. 2 Marcel thought for a while with his hands folded. Model 2 1 This film tells about the American Dream. The same is true of the film Forrest Gump. 2 The novel describes the hard times in the 1960s.The same is true of a new novel by a young writer. Model 3 1 It is such a small matter that I do not think I should make any charge. 2 It gave him such a big shock that his face turned white.Use the right word 1 A behind B after C after D behind 2 A machines B machine C machinery

D machinery 3 A the number of B a number of C the number of D the number ofGrammar Tips 1 Will you ring me up when the football match will (删去 will)begin? 2 He shut the door until (改为 when) I came in. 3 Till(改为 Until) he finished all his assignment, he didn’t go home. 4 Hardly Bob had( 改为 had Bob )gone to bed when the doorbell rang. 5 The story happened that ( 改 为 when) we were still schoolchildren. 6 At (改为 In)crossing the river, the geologist found something strange about the river. 7 I’ll give you an answer immediate(改为 immediately) I’ve finished reading your report.

8 Make hay as (改为 while) the sun shines.II Small (1) as it is ,the pen has changed the course of history, recorded events, carried news and (2) done more work for mankind (3) than all other tools or weapons. Progress (4) without it would have (5) been almost impossible. The invention of the wheel and screw, the introduction of steam power, the use of electricity, all these have changed the lives of millions. But the pen has done (6) more. It has prepared the way for all progress. (7) Whatever plans have been draw (8) up have come (9) from the pen. Behind all we do today is the pen. We canno (10) sign a check or write a letter or complete a business exchange without our pen. The student would fail to pass his examination without it.Reading Skills Topic: The Growth of the Congress Main idea: The Congress grows as the population increased in the US and when a new state was admitted.Practical Reading 1 It shows the passenger who would like to transfer at London

Heathrow Airport which route he or she needs to take to reach his or her departure terminal. 2 70 minutes 3 If they are connecting to or from British Airways intercontinental flights they may travel on the Speedlink bus free of charge. 4 He or she needs to walk for 20 minutes to take the bus which brings him or her to Security after another 20 minutes and then walk for 25 minutes to Terminal 2. 5 When the passenger arriving at London Heathrow Airport needs to go to terminals at London Gatwick Airport,he or she has to pass Passport Control.Practical Writing A1 We must apologize for the delay in sending you the price list requested on 4 September. Or :please accept our apologies for the delay in sending you the price list requested on 4 September. Or :we offer our sincere apologies for the delay in sending you the price list requested on 4 September. 2 We can assure you that there will be no more similat errors in the future.

3 We are very/extremely sorry to learn that 16 of the color TVs were damaged. Or : We greatly regret the damage to 16 of the color TVs.Unit 5 II 1 mastered 2 prospects 3 aware 4 unwilling 5 debate 6 device 7 bring to reality 8 benefiting 9 agent 10 threw upIII

1 underwent 2 face 3 transplanted 4 donation 5 implied 6 ethical 7 overcame 8 disquiet 9 psychology 10 recipientsIV 1He said that Tom must be aware that what he is doing is illegal. 2 It wasn’t a long meeting, but it did throw up many good suggestions. 3 Do you believe that science can bring all our dreams to reality? 4 Oil is in hot demand with the increase of car purchases. 5 I should try to get the professor’s consent to my plan for the experiment. 6A survey is being carried out throughout the country. 7 This plan has great implications for the future of the company.

8 Recent advances in biological technology have thrown up some ethical questions.V Model 1 1 It is not a question whether you can go there but should you go there. 2 It is not a question whether he can help you but should he help you. Model 2 1 Without his help, you couldn’t have finished the project on time. 2 Without enough money, you couldn’t have enough bought the car. Model 3 1 The flood is under control but we have concerns whether it will come again. 2 He got the job but he has concerns whether he might lose it someday.Use the right word 1A arisen

B arousing C aroused D rises E arise F rises 2A dressed B Put on C Wearing D put on E dressed F wearGrammar Tips 1 In case John came (改为 comes),please tell him to give me a call. 2 If only I know (改为 I had known) the answer, I wouldn’t have troubled you. 3 Providing (改为 provided )he is absent, what shall we do? 4 You will not find the cave, if 改为 unless ) have a guide. ( you 5 But that he is seriously sick, he will (改为 would )come to give us g lecture on current affairs. 6 Under better conditions, we will (改为 would ) have finished

the assignment in time. 7 But for your timely advice, I had (改为 would have ) already missed the chance of success. 8 He will be scolded by his parents on condition that 改为 if ) ( he fails in the final test. 9 Supposed(改为 supposing) we don’t catch the early bus, what shall we do? 10 You can go out, as long (添加 as) you promise to be back before 10 o’clock. II (1) revision (2)waiting (3) temptation (4) keep (5) worst (6) will inform (7)success (8) to contain (9)important/importantly (10)examsPractical Reading

1 Six million teenagers 2 Cigars contain more tar and nicotine than cigarettes. 3 More than four billion cigars. 4 Secondhand cigarette smoking causes an estimated 35,000 to 40,000 deaths per year. 5 About 200,000.II 1 secondhand cigarette smoke 2 nicotine 3 cancer-causing compound 4 non-smokerUnit 6 I 1F 2F 3F 4T 5F II 1 items

2 policies 3 actually 4 reflect 5 average 6 documents 7 displayed 8 agreed on 9 favorite 10 reliefIII 1 hosted 2 oppose 3 urgent 4 isolated 5 been hating 6 disaster 7 acknowledgement 8 conversations 9 diplomacy 10 criticized

IV 1 He was destined to fail in his work. 2 They couldn’t find common ground to solve the problem. 3 They tried their best to prove that this plan was in the interest of the public. 4 When she learned that her son had passed the exam, she breathed a sigh of relief. 5 It’s getting dark—time to light up. 6 On hearing a knock on the door, he jumped off the bed and threw on his clothes. 7 When he hit the soil of his motherland, he burst into tears. 8 The garden is crying out to be watered.V Model 1 1 It would be a stupid decision to allow him to join the project team. 2 It would be a brilliant idea to go outing this weekend. Model 2 1 The reason he died so quickly was that he didn’t listen to the doctor’s advice. 2 The reason the engineer resigned was that he had opinions

different from the general manager’s on network construction. Model 3 1 It might not be known to the public that the President is in poor health. 2 It might not be known to the children that their father has become unemployed. Model4 1 There came the teacher, books under her arm. 2 There came the CEO, angry and sullen.Use the Right Word 1 alike, like, likely A like B alike C likely D likely E alike F like 2 alive, living, lively A alive B alive C lively

D lively E living F livingGrammar Tips 1 Seen (改为 Seeing )that he liked the sweater, I said “why not buy one?” 2 改为 It is because she was too careless that she failed in the final exam. 或 As she was too careless, she failed in the final exam. 3 The lady disliked him for the reason why (改为 that ) was he poor. 4 It is since (改为 because )I had to attend an important meeting that I missed the football match. 5 He was fine because of(删除 of ) broke some traffic rules. he 6 He didn’t invite me to attend his birthday party, not for (改为 because,或 that) I was too busy, but for(改为 because ,或 that) I disliked him. 7Thanks (改为 Owing)to the heavy storm, many houses were destroyed. 8 ----Why didn’t you give me a call when I was waiting for you? ----- For (改为 Because )I was engaged in some urgent

business. 9 Now that you are old enough to judge things, so 删除 so) ( you should start your own career. 10 The soldier’s highest honor was not that he killed his enemy, but(改为 that) he was willing to die.II 1 had been typing 2 had wanted 3 will be having 4 will have studied 5 are being interviewed 6 was 7 had attended 8 have been invited 9 completed 10 called offPractical Reading 1 Indy’s 2 6 pm to 9 pm 3 $6.55

45 5 Original French Onion SoupPractical Writing It is a great honor to have Professor Sparks here today.(今天我 们又机会与 Sparks 教师欢聚一堂,感到十分荣幸) First of all ,please allow me to extend on behalf of everyone present at this workshop,our warm welcome and respect to our guest from afar.(首先,让我带吧今天出席会议的人,向远道 而来的贵宾表示热烈的欢迎和敬意) He has published many important academic works, offering his valuable theory to the further development of biochemistry.(他 发表了许多重要学术著作,对生物化学的进一步发展提供了 宝贵的理论。

) Winning high praise from his audience.(博得了听众的赞誉) His topic this afternoon(今天下午他要讲的题目) Now let’s welcome Professor Sparks to make his speech.(现在 欢迎 Sparks 教授讲话)Unit 7

I1 set up 2 in danger of 3 come up with 4 at a pace 5 beyond reach II 1 urged 2 edge 3 be promoted 4 adequate 5 focus 6 lead 7 objective 8 declined 9 decade 10 maintain III 1 access 2 captured

3 was confined 4 current 5 digit 6 emphasized 7 recommendations 8 reliable 9 prior 10 initiative IV 1 After several sleepless nights, he came up with a good idea. 2 They succeeded in confining the fire to a small area. 3 The basketball team lost its lead in the fifth match. 4 John succeed beyond our expectations. 5 The debate centered on the issue of environmental protection and economic development. 6 The goal is beyond our reach. 7 The tax was scaled up to 10 percent.

8 A host of people gathered in front of the newly-built shopping mall. V Model 1 1The importance of physical exercise to health has been recognized by many people. 2 The importance of environmental protection to sustainable development has been understood by the local government. Model 2 1 The task should be to complete the project by the end of this month. 2 The purpose should be to improve your mastery of English. Model 3 1 Many a student goes there to play computer games after school now. 2 Many a letter was sent to different companies to collect information about

the graduates of the college working there. Model 4 1 The disease could be spreading at a speed far beyond the expectations of the doctors. 2 The widespread use of computers in different fields today would be far beyond the expectations of the inventors. Use the Right Word 1A noise B voice C voice D sound E noise F sound 2 A bring up B educated C brought up

D raised E raising F educated Grammar Tips 1Even though(改为 Though)he talks a great deal, there is not much in what he says. 2 Jim is an honest man. I say it ,even (删除 even) although I have opposed him. 3 Patient though (改为 as) he was, he had no intention of waiting for three hours. 4 Much although (改为 as) I would like to help, I have other work I must do. 5 No matter what ( 改 为 how ) frequently performed, the works of

Beethoven always attract large audiences. 6 Though (改为 Despite the fact of ) being raised in a big city, he prefers living in the countryside. 7 Although she wants to go on with her research project, but (删除 but) she realizes that she badly needs financial support from the school authorities. 8 They went to attend the party last night. They didn’t know the hostess, although (改为 though). 9 No matter whatever(改为 what ) difficulty we will meet, we’ll try our utmost to overcome it. 10 Old though(改为 as)he is ,he still can do as much as a young man can. II

1 to have been put 2 having met 3 being called 4 to be given 5 listening 6 inviting 7 to lock 8 to put 9 consulting 10 carrying Practical Reading 1(F) 2(F) 3(T) 4(F) 5(F) 6(T) 7(F) 8(T)